Ultrasound images of infective conditions of the spleen

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Miliary tubeculosis of the spleen in AIDS

The above images reveal the sonographic appearances of a patient with confirmed AIDS. The spleen shows multiple hypoechoic lesions with enlargement (splenomegaly). There are also multiple enlarged preaortic and paraortic lymph nodes. These ultrasound images suggest miliary tuberculosis (confirmed histopathologically) of the spleen in AIDS. The lesions represent microabscesses of the spleen in tuberculosis. Ultrasound images taken with Toshiba Xario color doppler machine, courtesy of Dr. Gunjan Puri, Surat, India.



1) http://radiology.rsnajnls.org/cgi/reprint/197/3/723.pdf (free article/ images on AIDS microabscesses of spleen)-- rated --excellent.

2) Splenic Tuberculosis A rare case report(free article)


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Solitary lesion of the spleen

Hypoechoic lesion in spleen.

This young male patient had pyrexia of unknown origin. Sonographic study of the abdomen revealed a solitary hypoechoic lesion of the upper part of the spleen. These ultrasound images suggest a diagnosis of Tuberculous abscess or lymphoma. (Machine used: Toshiba Nemio 30 color doppler machine; images courtesy of Dr. Jaydeep Gandhi, Mumbai, India).


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